“History, Aristotle says, represents things only as they are, while fiction represents them as they might be and ought to be.”
— Albert J. Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man
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Have you ever wished there was more fiction that reflects your values as a libertarian? Or wondered if there was more than you knew about and hadn’t been able to find?

Do you think it’s a shame that actual libertarian authors don’t win the Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian Novel more often?

My name is Geoffrey Allan Plauché and I founded first a webzine, Prometheus Unbound: A Libertarian Review of Speculative Fiction and Literature, and now the Libertarian Fiction Authors Association in large part to address these issues.

The association started out as a simple writing group and mastermind group open to all libertarians (broadly defined) who already are or wish to become fiction authors (of any genre). It quickly became a much more ambitious project, however, and thus the association and this website were born.

The Libertarian Fiction Authors Association may well be the first of its kind — the first formal association of libertarian fiction authors, of libertarian authors period, or perhaps even of libertarian artists. I am not aware of any others. If any others do exist, they’ve got an obscurity problem that we aim to avoid.

This website is designed to showcase the association’s members and their work.

It features a member directory and public profiles for individual members, providing the information you need to find and connect with authors who share your interests and are writing the fiction you like to read.

Here you’ll also find a central location for news and promotions of the stories created by our members.

We have a Google Groups email list for members that serves as our main means of communication. But we also have outposts on popular social networks, such as Google+, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

If you’re an author, aspiring or already published, and want to learn more about how to join and why you should, we have an informative page crafted just for you:


There are a number of ways you can keep yourself updated, so that you don’t miss any news, promotions, or new member announcements. To find the one that best suits you, click


Join us in this grand experiment to encourage and improve the creation and discovery of more high-quality libertarian fiction.

Yours in liberty,
Geoffrey Allan Plauché, PhD
Founder, Libertarian Fiction Authors
Founder and Executive Editor, Prometheus Unbound

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