“History, Aristotle says, represents things only as they are, while fiction represents them as they might be and ought to be.”
— Albert J. Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man
First NameLast NameFiction Genre(s)Format(s)Published?MembershipProfile
First NameLast NameFiction Genre(s)Format(s)Published?MembershipProfile
NickieAbshireFantasy, Science Fiction, SteampunkNovels, Short FictionNoSupporting (C)More Info
MatthewAlexanderScience FictionNovels, ScreenplaysYes (S)Supporting (C)More Info
AlyssaAltadonnaScience Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy Novels, Short FictionNoSupportingMore Info
D.G.BagwellScience Fiction, Fantasy, ThrillerNovels, Short Fiction, ScreenplaysYes (I)Free RiderMore Info
ChrisBakerScience Fiction, Young Adult, DystopianNovels, Short Fiction, ScreenplaysYes (S)Supporting (C)More Info
JohnBrownDystopian Fiction, ThrillerNovelsYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
JackBurnettScience Fiction, WesternNovels, Short FictionNoSupporting (C)More Info
TroyCamplinLiteraryPoetry, Plays, Short FictionYes (H)Free RiderMore Info
HaroldCarperScience Fiction, Fantasy, HorrorShort Fiction, NovelsYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
ZakCarterScience Fiction, Children'sScreenplaysNoFree RiderMore Info
RayChilenskyScience Fiction, Military Science Fiction, HistoricalNovels, Short Fiction, Screenplays, Plays, PoetryYes (S)Free RdierMore Info
AndyClearySpeculative Fiction, FantasyNovelsNoSupporting (C)More Info
DanielColemanChildren's Literature, Historical FictionNovels, Short Fiction, PoetryNoFree RiderMore Info
WilliamCooperDystopian, Survivalist, PoliticalNovels, Short Fiction, ScreenplaysYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
TravisCorcoranScience FictionNovels, Short FictionNoSupporting (C)More Info
W.J.CostelloScience Fiction, Crime, SuspenseNovelsYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
AllanDavisFantasy, Horror, Science FictionNovels, Short Fiction, PoetryYes (H)Free RiderMore Info
MikeDiBaggioParanormal, Adventure, Science FictionNovels, Short FictionYes (S)Supporting (C)More Info
GeorgeDonnellyScience FictionNovelsYes (S)Supporting (C)More Info
BruceDriggersAbsurdist FictionNovels, Short Fiction, PlaysNoFree RiderMore Info
JoshuaGarmondScience FictionNovelsYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
TroyGriceScience Fiction, Fantasy, ThrillerNovels, Short FictionYes (I)SupportingMore Info
KenHagdalScience Fiction, Dystopian, Dark HumorNovels, ScreenplaysYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
SarahHoytScience Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, HistoricalNovels, Short FictionYes (H)Free RiderMore Info
JohnHunt, MDAction, Satire, ThrillerNovelsYes (H)Supporting (C)More Info
JebKennisonScience Fiction, ThrillerNovels, Short Fiction, Screenplays, Plays, PoetryYes (S)SupportingMore Info
D.J.KnedgenPolitical Fiction, Suspense, ThrillerNovelsYes (S)SupportingMore Info
DanielKoehlerSuspenseNovels, Short Fiction, ScreenplaysYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
VinayKolhatkarThriller, Suspense, RomanceNovels, ScreenplaysYes (H)Free RiderMore Info
KenKrawchukPolitical, ParodyNovels, Short FictionYes (S)Free Rider (C)More Info
RobertKroeseScience Fiction, Fantasy, HumorNovels, Short FictionYes (H)Free RiderMore Info
GenLaGrecaMedical, Political, Historical, Mystery, SuspenseNovels, Short Fiction, ScreenplaysYes (I)Free RiderMore Info
MonsunLandScience Fiction, HistoricalNovels, Short Fiction, Screenplays, PlaysYes (S)Free RdierMore Info
TracyLawsonYoung Adult, ThrillerNovelsYes (I)Free RiderMore Info
ErneLewisThriller, Political, Suspense, LiteraryNovelsYes (S)SupportingMore Info
TarrinLupoHistorical, Horror, DystopianNovels, Short FictionYes (S)Free Rider (C)More Info
G.R.LyonsHistorical Fantasy, Paranormal RomanceNovelsYes (S)Supporting (C)More Info
FrankMarcopolosLiterary, Postmodern, Action-AdventureNovels, Short Fiction, PoetryYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
MatthewMaynardContemporary Fiction, Science FictionNovels, Short FictionYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
WendyMcElroyFantasy (Dark), HorrorShort FictionNoSupportingMore Info
J.P.MedvedSteampunk, Thriller, Science FictionNovels, Short Fiction, PoetryYes (S)Supporting (C)More Info
AllenMendenhallLiteraryShort Fiction, PoetryYes (T)Supporting (C)More Info
RobertMurphySpeculative FictionNovels, Short FictionYesSupportingMore Info
DavidNewmanFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Science FictionNovels, Short FictionYes (S)SupportingMore Info
Leslie StarrO'HaraScience Fiction, Fantasy, SatireNovels, Short FictionYes (I)Free RiderMore Info
JerryOlsonScience FictionNovels, Short Fiction, ScreenplaysNoFree RiderMore Info
JeffPattersonScience Fiction, Fantasy, HumorShort FictionYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
JaylanPhoenixFantasy, Science Fiction, Urban FantasyNovels, Short FictionYes (S)SupportingMore Info
GeoffreyPlauchéScience Fiction, FantasyNovels, Short FictionNoFounderMore Info
FrancisPorrettoScience Fiction, Fantasy, EroticaNovels, Short FictionYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
AaronPowellHorror, MysteryNovels, Short FictionYes (I)Free RiderMore Info
AlanPrefontaineScience Fiction, Political Thriller, FantasyNovels, Short FictionNoFree RiderMore Info
William AlanRitchScience Fiction, Fantasy, MysteryNovels, Short Fiction, PlaysYes (H)SupportingMore Info
SandySandfortScience FictionShort Stories, SerialsYes (H)Free RiderMore Info
DonovanSchererFantasy, Science Fiction, HorrorIllustrated Novels, Short FictionYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
JeffreySchlamanThrillerNovelsYes (I)Free RiderMore Info
HankSchwaebleHorror, Mystery, ThrillerNovels, Short FictionYes (T)Supporting (C)More Info
CraigSeymourScience Fiction, Thriller, Middle GradeNovelsYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
JanineSouthardScience Fiction, Young Adult, ContemporaryNovels, Short FictionYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
SamStaleyAction-Adventure, Young AdultNovelsYes (I)SupportingMore Info
P.M.StanHistorical FictionNovelsYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
J.H.StirnerPsychological Drama, Crime Fiction, Absurdist FictionScreenplays, Novels, Short FictionNoFree RiderMore Info
AllenTaylorSpeculative Fiction, Weird Fiction, PoetryNovels, Short FictionYes (H)Free RiderMore Info
ThomasTempleThriller, PoliticalNovelsYes (I)Free RiderMore Info
VaughnTreudeScience Fiction, Steampunk, HumorNovels, Short Fiction, PlaysYes (S)SupportingMore Info
J.D.TuccilleHumor, AdventureNovels, Short FictionYes (S)Supporting (C)More Info
MarkTulliusScience Fiction, HorrorNovels, Short FictionYes (I)Supporting (C)More Info
KatValleleyScience Fiction, FantasyNovels, Short FictionNoSupporting (C)More Info
StevenVanderveldeScience FictionNovels, Short Fiction, ScreenplaysYes (S)SupportingMore Info
ChristopherVriezePolitical Fiction, Crime Fiction, ThrillerNovelsNoFree RiderMore Info
Robin MarkWalkerScience Fiction, SuperheroNovels, Short FictionYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
RichardWalshScience Fiction, Middle Grade AdventureShort Fiction, Novellas, Novels, Roleplaying GamesYes (H)SupportingMore Info
K.D.WilsonPolitical, Women's Literature, Young AdultNovelsYes (S)Free RiderMore Info
CatherineWintersUrban Fantasy, LiteraryNovelsYes (I)SupportingMore Info

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