“History, Aristotle says, represents things only as they are, while fiction represents them as they might be and ought to be.”
— Albert J. Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man

Basic membership in the Libertarian Fiction Authors Association is free.

Basic membership comes with a number of valuable benefits, including

  • a member directory listing;
  • book listings;
  • a detailed, link- and image-rich member profile that converts;
  • improved discoverability by readers;
  • free promotion of your books that can boost sales;
  • opportunities to network with fellow libertarian fiction authors, who will provide
  • tips, advice, and resources on the craft and business of writing,
  • support and encouragement,
  • accountability,
  • story critiques,
  • possibilities for collaboration;
  • and more.

How is it that all of these benefits are free?

It’s not like providing these services costs nothing, right? A lot of time and effort goes into providing them. The website itself costs money to design, host, and maintain: it runs on a premium WordPress theme platform, makes use of several premium WordPress plugins, boasts professional artwork, and is hosted on a virtual private server (VPS). You deserve a quality, professional-looking website to promote your work after all.

We do what we do in large part because we share a passion for liberty and good literature, and for promoting liberty through good literature. The Libertarian Fiction Authors Association and its website are an activist project. We aim to promote the creation and distribution of more and better libertarian fiction.

But this project is also part business. At the very least, we need to cover costs to ensure its continued healthy existence. We can do better than just scrape by though. I’ll tell you how.

The association and its website operate on a freemium model. We libertarians are not afraid of free riders. We expect them, even welcome them, and build business models with them in mind. Our primary goal is to promote more and better libertarian fiction. This is best served by offering valuable basic services for free to all members, while reserving premium services exclusively to supporting members. I believe the premium services are worth the price.

Yours in liberty,
Geoffrey Allan Plauché, PhD
Founder, Libertarian Fiction Authors
Founder and Executive Editor, Prometheus Unbound

Supporting Membership Benefits

Members who support the association and its website financially will receive extra benefits above and beyond those received by regular members.

Supporting member benefits include

  • a premium member profile — full-width and distraction-free,
  • more prominent placement of your member profile and books on the site,
  • the option to advertise your books in the sliders and sidebar,
  • the option to use the blog and our email newsletter for special promotions,
  • blogging privileges you can leverage to grow your platform by providing valuable content to our readers,
  • access to a private, supporting-members-only group chat for the truly serious writers,
  • the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to fund a renaissance in libertarian fiction.

You can become a supporting member for as little as $5 per month (paid in yearly installments).

Automatic Recurring Payments

Help maintain and improve the Libertarian Fiction Authors Association and its website. Become a supporting member today.

Set up automatic recurring payments via PayPal1 or bitcoin (requires a Coinbase account).2 Save $12 per year off the monthly price by paying in yearly installments. Save even more by paying with bitcoin.

Monthly Recurring Payments


$5.40/month Subscribe With Bitcoin

Yearly Recurring Payments


$54/year Subscribe With Bitcoin

You can also set up automatic recurring payments with Dwolla on a monthly, but not a yearly, basis.3 You’ll need a Dwolla account. Log in, go to your Dashboard, follow these instructions, and send the payments to Dwolla ID # 812-679-2857.

Manual Single Payments

If you prefer to send payments manually, you could use Dwolla with or without an account (guest checkout) or pay with bitcoin.

One Month of Supporting Membership

$5.40 Pay With Bitcoin

One Year of Supporting Membership

$54 Pay With Bitcoin

  1. PayPal Advantage: Easy to set up automatic recurring payments. Disadvantages: Fees — PayPal deducts $0.30 + 2.9% from the payment amount, so for a $6 payment LFA will receive $5.53. Requires a linked credit card or bank account. 

  2. Bitcoin Advantages: No fees. Nongovernment cryptocurrency. Disadvantage: no automatic recurring payments without a Coinbase account; you must remember to send payments manually every month/year. 

  3. Dwolla Advantages: Possible to set up automatic recurring payments. No account needed for one-time payments with guest checkout. No fees or low fees — Dwolla charges nothing for payments of $10 and under. For payments above $10, Dwolla deducts a flat fee of only $0.25. Disadvantages: Fees. A bank account is required for guest checkout. A Dwolla account is required for automatic recurring payments and setup is not quite as easy as with PayPal. 

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