“History, Aristotle says, represents things only as they are, while fiction represents them as they might be and ought to be.”
— Albert J. Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man
Harold Carper

Harold Carper is a USAF veteran, husband, father, and systems administrator. He is not a people person.

The son of ministers, he was brought up in the Assemblies of God. Once on his own, however, he asked too many questions to which there were no satisfactory answers in mainstream Christianity. After years of study and debate with armchair, Internet theologians from around the world, Harold’s searching led him to a new spiritual home among Messianic Jews and Hebraic Christians. He found the Messianic perspective more scripturally founded, more intellectually rigorous, and richer in tradition than any other, and has been a Torah-keeping Christian ever since.

Politically, Harold is a libertarian-leaning conservative or a conservative-leaning libertarian, though neither group would be overly happy to claim him. Having never known one person to be identical to another in any observable way, he does not believe in equality. Men should have short hair and beards. Women should have long hair and no beards. Men should vote and fight wars. Women should teach their children and care for their husbands. He does not believe that men are better people than women or that one race of men is more or less human than any other. They are different, and there’s nothing wrong with being different.

Finally, Harold Carper is a Texan, by choice if not by birth. His son is a native Texan, and Harold has done his best to adopt the customs, attitudes, and mannerisms of his adopted home within the moral constraints of liberty and God’s Law. There are more guns in his house than people, and still not enough.

His fantasy flash fiction story, “The Man in the Axe,” is available for free on his website. Originally, it was the opening to a novella, but both stories were better separate. The full novella, with the working title of Velkis, is in submission at this time. These two stories are set in a world in which the races of men have fought the half-demon races of the Raivin for millenia. The Empire has had the upper hand for the last few centuries, but complacency has weakened their defenses and prepared the world for a new wave of chaos.

Another short story, “The Pillars of Salem” (science fiction, 5,330 words), is available for free on Wattpad and Smashwords. “The Pillars of Salem” is the first story set in a far future in which mankind has carried their cultural baggage across the galaxy, picking up more along the way.

Profile Short URL: https://libertarianfictionauthors.com/hcarper

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