“History, Aristotle says, represents things only as they are, while fiction represents them as they might be and ought to be.”
— Albert J. Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man

Mark Tullius

Mark Tullius

Mark Tullius is an Ivy League grad and former fighter who is training with and interviewing MMA fighters for his book, documentary, and sociological study, Unlocking the Cage. He has published two dozen short stories and has three novels currently available on Amazon.

Mark’s first novel, Brightside, is a sci-fi thriller about a group of telepaths the government imprisons in a beautiful mountain town.

Mark’s second novel, 25 Perfect Days, is a dystopian nightmare that warns of what could happen if we don’t change our ways.

Try Not to Die is the new interactive series Mark is working on with various authors. These graphic novels are similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure books he loved reading as a child.

In 2014, Mark will release 5 More Perfect Days (a companion novella to 25), Woman With a Gun (a graphic novel), Unlocking the Cage, Try Not to Die in Brightside, and a few other books.

Profile Short URL: https://libertarianfictionauthors.com/mtullius

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