“History, Aristotle says, represents things only as they are, while fiction represents them as they might be and ought to be.”
— Albert J. Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man

Mike DiBaggio

Michael DiBaggio

Michael is a Catholic voluntaryist who works full-time as a software developer, but his real passion is writing and worldbuilding. Along with his wife, Shell, he is the co-creator of the Ascension Epoch, an open content, collaborative fiction project released under Creative Commons license. The setting is one where the re-emergence of paranormal talents and the invasion of H.G. Wells’ Martians in the 19th century have led to a radically transformed present, often organized along stateless lines. Their work draws heavily upon classic public domain literature.

His most recent work, After Dark, follows the exploits and ethical struggles of a team of teenage superheroes. Other published Ascension Epoch books include Population of Loss, a collection of four short stories set during the Martian Invasion; Copper Knights and Granite Men, a superhero/occult adventure story based on the King in Yellow mythos; and House of Refuge, a tale of the free market ocean rescue service Atlantic Littoral, which won second place in the inaugural LFA/SFA Libertarian Short Story Contest in 2014.

Profile Short URL: https://libertarianfictionauthors.com/miked

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