“History, Aristotle says, represents things only as they are, while fiction represents them as they might be and ought to be.”
— Albert J. Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man


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Donovan Scherer

Donovan Scherer is a graphic designer, illustrator, and writer from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Wanting to shift away from client work and the never-ending hunt for a day job, he began putting his own stories to paper in 2009.

Fear & Sunshine, the first series self-published through Donovan’s freelance design company, Ratatat Graphics, has had three books released so far. In 2011, he created ZomBeans, a game for iOS and Android based off the Fear & Sunshine series.

Along with working on new stories, Donovan is currently teaching graphics at his old college. Check out his artwork over at deviantArt.

Try the Fear & Sunshine series for free with Fear & Sunshine: Prelude.

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Aaron Ross Powell

Aaron is a research fellow at the Cato Institute and the editor of Libertarianism.org. He is a mystery and horror writer, the author of the apocalyptic novel The Hole, published by Permuted Press, as well as the short story collection Animus: Six Tales of Crime and Terror.

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Richard Walsh

Richard Walsh is a part-time writer and full-time husband, father, and accountant. He lives with his family and a pack of basset hounds in the suburbs of Minneapolis and stays active with local politics, roleplaying games, and light (very light) jogging.

Richard is influenced by a wide variety of genre writers, most notably Cormac McCarthy, P.G. Wodehouse, Robert Heinlein, and Raymond Chandler. His worldview is fundamentally libertarian and subsidiarist, but the themes of his work often extend beyond questions of the individual and the state.

To date, Richard’s most prominent work is the Adventures of Seamus Tripp, which he coauthors with Jon Garett. The Adventures of Seamus Tripp is a book series suitable for readers of all ages. It combines humor, action, and adventure in a format that is exciting, literary, and good fun. Get a taste of the series for free with The Adventure of Seamus Tripp and the North Star Witch.

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R. Jaylan Phoenix

R. Jaylan Phoenix is a huge geek. He’s managed to parlay that into good stories ever since his high school days, when he probably should have been paying attention in class. He lives in North East Florida with his wife and a cat that’s too smart for anyone’s good. In addition to being a libertarian, he is also a quasi-Objectivist (or whatever you’d call someone who’s philosophy is equal parts Atlas Shrugged and Stranger in a Strange Land).

Jaylan’s far-future, science-fiction short story “The Rescue” was a runner up in the 2014 LFA/SFL Libertarian Short Story Contest, voted one of the top 10 stories out of 169 submissions.

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Troy J. Grice

Troy has been a student of economics and a passionate libertarian since his twenties. A fan of dystopian novels and science fiction, he describes his own writing as “anti-propaganda” and “counter-myth.” He enjoys giving the finger to the corrupt establishment and the barely-lucid masses who enable them.

For Troy, no institution is beyond reproach.

His novels include:

Gaiastan: A messianic tale of transformation and redemption set in a radical environmentalist tyranny.

Goldstein: An exile from the last free colony ventures into corpo-fascist Amerika.

Indivisible: The lives of a psychotic sheriff, a vain diplomat, a tormented soldier, and a desperate father converge amidst civil war in contemporary America.

Troy is also finishing up Oathkeeper, about a reluctant mountain sheriff resisting an unaccountable DEA, and a sequel to Indivisible.

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