“History, Aristotle says, represents things only as they are, while fiction represents them as they might be and ought to be.”
— Albert J. Nock, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man

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Here’s a short list of good books to start with.

Book TitleAuthor NameGenre(s)
25 Perfect DaysTullius, MarkDystopian
A Warrior's Soul (Path of the Warrior, Book 1)Staley, SRMiddle-Grade Action-Adventure
An Act of Self-DefenseLewis, ErnePolitical Thriller
Assume the PhysicianHunt, John, MDMedical Satire
Atlas SnubbedKrawchuk, KenSatire
Black (Josephine Book 1)Winters, CatherineUrban Fantasy
Centrifugal ForceTreude, VaughnDystopian Science Fiction
DamnableSchwaeble, HankHorror
Defiant, She Advanced: Legends of Future ResistanceDonnelly, George (Editor)Science Fiction
Escape from the VillageBaker, ChrisYA Dystopian Romance
Fargo CompanyWalsh, RichardDystopian Science Fiction
High Desert BarbecueTuccille, J.D.Adventure
HomecomingPhoenix, JaylanFantasy
House of RefugeDiBaggio, Michael A.Action-Adventure, Science Fiction
IndivisibleGrice, Troy J.Political-Financial Thriller
Lando Cruz and the Coup ConspiracyDonnelly, GeorgeScience Fiction, Political Thriller
Literature and Liberty: Essays in Libertarian Literary CriticismMendenhall, AllenLiterary Criticism
The CFR CollusionVandervelde, StevenScience Fiction
The Chimera CollusionKnedgen, D.J.Political Thriller
The Lethean (Lethean Trilogy, Book 1)Lyons, G.R.Historical Fantasy
To Rescue General GordonMedved, J.P.Steampunk
Withur WeAlexander, Matthew BruceScience Fiction
Book TitleAuthor NameGenre(s)

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